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Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Your Style. Your Choice.


Amanda's Treasures offers a made-to-measure and curtain alterations service.

Why put up with shop brought curtains that you have been promising yourself to take up for the past few years......or curtains that just won't pull across and meet?


Made-to-measure curtains does exactly as it says on the pack! They fit your window perfectly.


Emphasis on the 'perfectly'.


There is no excess fabric to loose, or vigourous tugging at the curtain to make it stretch to what it just won't fit.


No sagging bottoms and no dust collectors! Its a win win!

Image by Mitchell Luo

It’s All in the Details

You can choose whether you wish to have them fully lined or lined, and if you wish for a black-out lining or standard. The choices are endless!

I also offer a choice of curtain headings depending on your preferred look.
These can be standard curtain headings tapes or hand-made headings like the ones shown here on this page.

You can always keep your old curtains but look at arranging for me to re-hem, re-line or modernise a heading to suit your needs

Whatever your requirements, get in touch today to see how I can help.

Call or email now to arrange a free evaluation, measure and quote of your window space.

My terms and condition outlines the process of ordering and production. These can be found below.

Why not consider a pair of designer tie backs to compliment your new curtains?

These are also available to order.

Image by Ann Ann
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