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Amanda sewing on an industrial machine in an upholstery workshop

Our Prices

(For Reupholstery & Repair)

Below is an estimated guide to our prices for our upholstery service. When I provide a quote, it takes into account the chairs' upholstery and frame. It is inclusive of all new materials, but conclusive of fabric cost.


Quoted prices do not include the fabric metres required to complete the furniture.


Piped Scatter Cushions - Starting from £22

Drop in dining chair seats - £30 per seat

Stool - Starting from £55

Home Repair - Starting from £55

Handsewn Lampshades - Starting from £85

Full upholstery dining chairs - £95 each

Small Chair - Starting from £125

Traditional small chair- £225

Wing Chair - Starting from £375

Edwardian Library Chair - Starting from £465 (Traditonal)

Chaise Longue - Starting from £485

Deep buttoned Balloon Back - Starting from £395

Armchair - Starting from £545

Recliner Armchair - Starting from £685

Two Seater - Starting from £895

Three Seater Sofa - Starting from £1050

Corner Sofa - Startinf from £1150

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