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My Terms, Conditions & Commissions

"The Boring Bit!"

Amanda's Treasures typically accept commissions from both private and commercial customers including interior designers, commercial property owners such as hoteliers and home furnishing retailers. The commissioning process usually involves:
• An initial face-to-face, telephone or e-mail consultation to establish the nature of the commission, including technical specifications, budget and deadlines.
• Confirmation of the customer's chosen fabric, colour, batch reference number (as some colour variation occurs between batches) and a sample swatch, as well as swatches for any trims and tie-backs.
• Amanda's Treasures will provide a formal written quotation for the price of completing the work, valid for 3 months only.
• Arrangements for delivery, collection or fitting of the finished product.




A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book, with full payment upon delivery for orders over £400.

1. For me to fulfil your order accurately the following information must be given with an order:-
• Your name, company name, address, telephone and Email address
• Fabric information: company, colour, reference number, quantity ordered, pattern repeat and sample swatch if possible.
• Swatches - if relevant should be correctly labelled.
• Complete with finished measurements.
• Swatches of trims, contrast fabrics and passementarie must also be attached to order sheets.
• Lining: indicate if a contrast or speciality lining is to be used otherwise cream standard lining will be used.
• Drawings of any special instructions must be supplied with order.

To avoid confusion telephone orders will not be accepted. Changes to orders can be accepted only in writing, post or email.
3. Fabrics sent to me must have your company name and your customers name or order reference clearly marked on the delivery note so that I can check, on your behalf, that we have received the correct fabric.

If the customer does not explicitly request the return of fabric/leather surplass 7 days after the job as been collected/returned, it shall be understood that the said fabric/leather becomes the property of Amandas Treasures, as per our terms and conditions.
4. Any problems with an order, must be brought to my attention within 5 days of receipt of the goods/completion of works. Thereafter charges will be made for any corrections. I will not be responsible for charges if you have another company make corrections. Charges will be made for any corrections which are not my fault.
5. I cannot be held responsible for fabric flaws.  Where the customer supplies the fabric Amandas Treasures cannot be responsible for flaws, faults or inconsistency of pattern. Where possible Amandas Treasures will work around such problems but extra work or fabric required to do so will be paid for by the customer. Customer own fabrics (COF), should be clearly marked with the right/wrong side and pattern direction. 
6. I cannot be held responsible for shrinkage to curtains that have been steamed, or to curtains exposed to temperature humidity variations causing the fabrics to shrink or stretch.
7. Fabric suitability: Amandas Treasures can recommend suitable fabrics for projects undertaken, but accepts no responsibility for COF that is unsuitable for purpose. Fabrics with considerable stretch or lacking weight-to-weave are deemed unsuitable for upholstery purpose.
8. Fabric and trim wearability: I will not be responsible for the present or future behaviour of the treatment/fabric/trims, such as wearing, deterioration, stretching, shrinking, staining, clean ability; fading or damage.
9. I will be unable to commence manufacture until I have received all customers own components/fabric and instructions.
10. Completion dates will be given when in receipt of a written order. I cannot be held responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond my control.
11. My free collection & delivery area is 5miles from LE67 4QU. Collection/Delivery beyond 5 miles from LE67 4QU will incur a £1 per every mile extra to the collection/delivery address, plus mileage return to 18 Romans Crescent, Coalville, LE67 4QU.

12. Fitting: areas should be clean and free from other trades or their equipment in order that fitting may proceed with continuity. A charge of £80 + VAT will be levied per wasted visit.
13. Normal working hours: My labour charges are based on work being carried out during my normal working hours, i.e. 9.00arn - 17:00pm Monday to Friday, 10:00am - 16:00pm saturday, outside of which overtime rates will apply.
14. Payment terms: Finished goods will be delivered at an agreed time with the Client within three days of this completion date. The balance of payment will be due on the day of delivery (unless another agreement is arranged). At this point, the Client will be required to check the goods, and sign an acceptance form. 3.8% Interest will be charged for late payment.
15. Retention of title: the property and ownership of all goods and materials, whether fixed or unfixed, will not pass until payment in full has been received in full.
16. In order that I may give you my very best prices, any quotation will be costed out on the assumption that the works therein will be accepted “in whole”, the result being that the prices quoted are therefore subject to a re-costing if accepted “in part” only. If extra fabric is required, the quote will be adjusted accordingly, minus the fabric courier charge.

​17. REUPHOLSTERY (*EXTRA CHARGES*)- quotes are given for single cover removal. If further covers are revealed beneath the initial removal of the top cover, a 15% increase to the quoted price will be added per fabric covering. Photos will be provided for evidence of multiple fabric coverings.

​There will also be a 25% extra charge on the quote for removal of any upholstery covering heavily pet/body fluid soiled.


18.1 If you encounter any problems with the furniture you have had reupholstered from us, this must be reported within 14 days of delivery/collection of the furniture.
18.2 Once the problem has been reported, we will work diligently to resolve the issue and provide you with a suitable solution. This may include repair, replacement, depending on the nature of the problem and the availability of the desired resolution.
18.3 Refunds for upholstered furniture will only be considered if the problem is reported within 14 days of receiving the furniture.
18.4 After the initial 14-day period has passed, we will no longer be able to offer refunds for reported problems with the furniture.
18.5 If the reported problem with the furniture is deemed eligible for a refund, we will initiate the refund process within a reasonable timeframe.
18.6 The refunded amount will be equal to the price of the furniture restoration, excluding any delivery or fabric charges.
18.7 Refunds will not be provided for any issues or damages that occur due to customer negligence, improper use, or failure to follow the provided care instructions.

19. All fixed upholstery is included in the quoted price.  Loose upholstery items, i.e scatter cushions, arm caps, antimicassers or seat/back sofa cushion interior fillings, are a seperate cost and not included in quotes provided.

20. Amandas Treasures will estimate a completion date when the clients job commences. It is expected that the item be delivered, or collected within three days of this agreed time. If you are unable to collect or have your item delivered, there will be a storage fee at £5 per day.
21. If you suspect your furniture has woodworm, please notify Amanda before arranging for the item to be brought into the workshop. If furniture has woodworm that has not been mentioned it will be removed from the workshop immediatley for collection by yourself.

The placing of work with Amandas Treasures will be taken as acceptance of our terms and conditions.


Courses & Lessons

Our workshops require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies and tools, and scheduling time spent preparing for the workshop. When students ask to cancel or reschedule, we lose money. As a small business, we are unable to absorb these costs and still keep our class prices low. Classes are payable before you attend a workshop. We do not offer refunds for cancellations. However, we do offer the possibility of transferring your booking to another class, subject to availability. In the event of a cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and find a suitable alternative class that fits your schedule. Please note that any transfer requests must be made within a 48 hours before the class date, and we cannot guarantee availability in other classes.

Traveling workshop student cancellations cannot be rescheduled.  If 'Amandas Treasures' cancels for any reason (weather, pandemic etc.), classes will be moved to the following week in concession. 

If you are uncertain whether a workshop is right for you, please contact me via email before registering:


Amandas Treasures offers LIFETIME warranties on all their bespoke sofa frames and wade coil sprung units.

We are pleased to offer a 2-year fabric warranty for your sofa purchase. This warranty protects against any manufacturing defects or damage to the fabric that occurs under normal use within the first 2 years of ownership. If you experience any issues with the fabric, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to determine the best course of action. This may include repairing or replacing the affected fabric, depending on the extent of the damage. Please note that this warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accidents. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we stand behind the quality of our products. If your sofa fails due to a manufacturing defect or other issue covered by our warranty, we will work with you to provide a repair or replacement as appropriate. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and that you can enjoy your sofa for many years to come. If you experience any issues with your sofa, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may address the issue and find a solution that meets your needs.

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