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Upholstery for Interior

Modern Upholstery Workshop - TBC

This 8 hour workshop is over two days and introduces you to the use of modern upholstery essentials and how to use them. You can learn to recover a small foot stool or ur dining chair seats.

Upholstery Tools

Traditional Upholstery Workshop - TBC

This 8 hour workshop over two days introduces you to the use of traditional upholstery supplies. It will teach you how to web, stitch and stuff seats as well as finishing a project to the fabric.
A small stool frame is provided with this course, all you need to bring is the metre of fabric to complete it.


Curtain Making Workshop - TBC

This is a weekly, six week course, covering the methods and techniques to create beautifully lined curtains with a variety of headings. 
It is ideal if you want to make your own curtains for a particular room now, but if not, you can create beautiful samples to look back and refer to in the future. If you choose to make your own curtains, check in advance of how many metres of fabric you will require.


Decoupage Workshop - TBC

This is a weekly workshop run over six weeks. You will be given a variety of projects to carry out with direct and informative instruction. You are welcome to provide your own small pieces of furniture and trinkets to work on.

Image by Awesome Sauce Creative

Cushion Making Workshop - TBC

This is a weekly workshop, run over 6 weeks. It will demonstrate the variety of techniques to create beautiful cushions that you can make for family and friends.

Image by Ignacio R

The Flip-it Workshop - TBC

This is a two day workshop to demonstrate the art of flipping furniture to sell! It will show you the different paint techniques, inform you of your paint choices and highlight problems that can occur and how to rectify them.
A small bedside table or similar will be required for this workshop. All paint etc will be provided in the course cost.

Image by Magda Fou

The Crazy Upcyle  Workshop - TBC

This fun 6 week run workshop will have you reinventing items from old. Turning jumpers into cushions, and old clothes into bags. There is something creative for everyone.

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